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Plumbing Construction

La Academia de Estrellas is a new 100,416 square foot 2-story charter school serving grades K through 8th with all the bells and whistles. It includes a library, computer lab spaces on both floors, a science lab, band room, auditorium/cafeteria, and a 10,102 square foot gymnasium with a hardwood floor and full locker room facilities. The building is wrapped around a landscaped courtyard that acts as a community space for the entire student body.

ATMAC’s job was to install all plumbing for the school. Easy enough, except there was no water until a couple of weeks before school was scheduled to open. How do you test all these lines to ensure there are no leaks before the walls are put up and the floors installed? Air. Utilizing high-pressured air, we tested all plumbing lines from the kitchen sink to water fountains and science labs, and everything in between. The result? The job was completed on time and the best part—the kids love their new school.

“We knew ATMAC was the right choice because they helped us complete a previous job. We called ATMAC and they jumped right in and provided the manpower we needed for as long as they were needed. They worked with the plumbing team seamlessly.

ATMAC is the model for all other trades, and I hope to work with them again and again, and again.”

– Bryan Bennett, Project Manager | Ridgemont

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